Write an SEO Article Business

Let’s review what search engines look for when placing certain websites above others for specific keywords.

Quality vs Quantity

Remember, it is important to provide a quality article over a bunch of articles. Use reputable websites like Ezine and HubPages to post your articles.


You should have the same keyword in the title of your article as well as 2-3% of the body of your text. You can use free competitor research tools online to find out what your competitor keywords are.

Length of Article

Research shows that articles around 300-350 words is the perfect length to keep customer attention. Remember to format it in a manner that is easy to read with bullet points and titles.

Closing Statement

At the end of each article you create, you should have a common end tag that promotes viewers to look at your other articles.


You should have at least one picture in each article and don’t forget to include the alt text specific for your keyword.

Social Media Links

Don’t forget to include a quick and easy way for viewers to share your article on social media networks.

Ping Your Article

You can use a free web service like pinglr.com to ping your article each time you create a new one. This sends your article into the Internet world to let others know there is a new article on this topic posted here. It helps get other websites to link to yours.


You want the topic of your article to be related to your business. Try to think of what your customer will Google and gear the article content toward meeting the needs of browsers. Using certain words in your title also help such as: How To articles or 5 Tips on a certain topic.

It also helps if you publish your article on your social media accounts, but did you know that when you post it matters? The best time to advertise on social media is 6:00am EST on Tuesday through Thursday.

Research shows that you will get more likes, shares, and interaction from viewers and think about your own personal email account. When you wake up in the morning, isn’t your personal email full of marketing ads from companies?Marketers know that the first thing you do when you wake up is check your phone and social media accounts.

These simple steps will help put your business on top of Google’s search engine!

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