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Start Lead Nurturing Today at Your Organization

If you implemented marketing automation technology six or more months ago and are still only using the technology for batch email sends, you’re not alone.

Here are a few steps you can take now to jump start lead nurturing and get more out of your marketing automation investment.

Marketing automation technology offers endless possibilities for marketers, but sometimes the best place to start is with the basics. Try building out your first lead nurturing campaign for one audience segment before defining a big picture strategy. To create your first lead nurturing campaign, you will first need to follow the below steps:

Will it be to nurture leads who have downloaded a whitepaper on your website? Or do you want to stay top of mind with prospects who aren’t quite ready to buy? What are you hoping to achieve through this campaign? By defining the objectives upfront, it will be easier to determine how to structure the campaign and measure the success of your lead nurturing efforts.

Who will you be communicating to in this campaign? What is their role in their organization, and what are their concerns and pain points? Taking the time to develop the personas of the leads in your nurture campaign will help ensure you communicate the right message, at the right time.

You can segment nurture streams by buyer stage, persona, organization size, topic of interest… the list goes on and on. You will need to define the unique needs of your organization and your campaign to determine what set up approach will work best for you. You will also need to ensure that your database contains the necessary data by which you will need to segment. For example, if you want to segment by organization size, you must first make sure that you have this data in your marketing database for each company..

In order for your nurture campaign to be successful, you need to provide your leads with relevant, engaging content. Your content strategy may vary a bit depending on how you’ve segmented your nurture streams, but make sure you:

  • Speak to your persona’s pain points;
  • Keep the body content short and sweet; and
  • Include a clear, succinct call-to-action in each email.

Transition rules allow you to move your leads from one nurture stream in your campaign to another based on their activity. Say for example, that you have three nurture streams set up in your campaign: awareness, consideration, and purchase. A lead that’s currently in the awareness stream was recently marked as an opportunity by sales. You can set up a transition rule to move that lead from the awareness stream to the purchase stream once they’ve been marked as an opportunity.

Webinars Can Skyrocket Your Website Traffic

It’s relevant because you’re perceived as an expert simply by owning a website. So when you host a webinar, you benefit from even a greater perception that you’re an expert and a leader in your field.

And when you webinar covers some big problem in the lives of your target audience, those people don’t forget who you are.

What Is A Webinar?

The term webinar is a mixture of the words “web” and “seminar”. Before the internet, to hear an expert talk about a particular topic, people would have to travel to a particular place. Often these could be long distances away and involve many hours of travel for all involved. But today, with simple webinar technology, business owners large and small can conduct seminars on the internet, spending little to no money, and still reach a large audience with their message.

A Webinar Draws Visitors To Your Website

People who show up at your webinar visit your website over and over. This boosts your website traffic, and because your webinar was focused toward a very distinct issue or question, this is targeted traffic that they will be very interested in buying your products or services.

These website visitors also interact with others with the same problem or question that you sorted out or answered. This word-of-mouth promotion produces more targeted and free website traffic.

Benefits Of Hosting A Webinar

Webinars make it possible for you connect to your audience as a human being. People can see and or hear who you are. You’re no longer just another online business owner. Each of the people in your webinar audience, regardless of how few or how many, feel like you’re talking to them in a one-on-one conversation.

This improves your significance to these people, and drives a steady stream of website traffic to your website now and in the future.

Webinars And Collaboration

Webinars are an effective website traffic generator that builds your brand and develops your voice of authority. Working together on a webinar with another business owner in your niche or market means you both benefit. When you publicize a forthcoming webinar to your database, your webinar partner has a opportunity to attract new clients, and you do as well.

There are a lot of reasons why webinars work better than other marketing models for boosting engagement, building your list, making sales and improving your business profile. If you’re planning your first webinar or you want to improve on your last one.

Win at Internet Marketing

Online marketing includes internet marketing and website marketing and they all require one to handle a lot of strategic planning to be sure that the best results are achieved at the end of the day.

Affordable services

By doing marketing over the internet, it becomes very easy to boost your company’s value. The economy is unstable all over and conducting an online business could just be what you need.

Its importance

Internet marketing is now a very popular option and all businesses can make use of it regardless of size. The internet has changed how we all work and there is a lot of information that allows making the most informed decisions and communicating with people. You get to connect with more people over the internet than in person.

If you want to make it big in this area, then you need to take time and understand just how big the market has become and why it is so important to our business. When you have an appropriate campaign for advertising, you will get incredible exposure for the business.

Search engines are a normal part of life today and we use them to navigate and find information that is important to us. There are ways in which websites are ranked and this can be very beneficial to business. There is the keyword tool that allows you to find out how many people in the world, or locally, need your product or service.

The marketing process

For you to make it, you need to appreciate the entire process. When you think about it, you can recognize that it relates to the producer and the customer in equal measure. This is the holder of all the strategies and the tools that are usually applied so as to attract customers into getting the service or the product. When you succeed in this area, it means that the company will definitely gain some value through the purchases made by the consumers.


You can access many services with this strategy. This is not a simple process, but involves lots of processes and techniques that work really well. The services include:

  • SEO services: this helps with the ranking of your website so that people can be able to see it more easily. Targeted keywords are used and this helps you get recognition.
  • Google places optimization: this allows businesses to list websites with the search engines and makes SEO for the businesses much easier.
  • Social media: social media keeps on growing and it is very popular in marketing. Millions are brought together by social sites. When you use business pages and fan pages, you will get viewership and people may even share details about your products and services if they are impressed.

Benefits Internet Marketing

The web is a wide ocean of opportunities, and to speak of opportunities to people who are less acquainted to what the internet can do to them. Big time people in the business do not need this, because they have the money. How about small time businessmen? How can they improve their assets without spending a lot of money? The answer is simple: Internet marketing. Unlike traditional marketing like advertising on the Yellow pages, in the newspapers or having brochures which often comes in a high-pay-low-gain scene, this kind of marketing offers its entrepreneurs over-the-edge advantages.

Benefits of Internet Marketing
First, there are reduced costs. In internet marketing you can get a free listing from certain websites which is far better than a costly Yellow pages advertisement. With this, you can channel the money to other things like expenses.

Second, everything can be measured. Hard advertisements (ones on the newspaper, magazines etc) are so hard to keep track with, you pour a lot of money but you don’t know what you are earning. However with internet marketing, certain apps and sites provide graphs about your investments so you can keep track of them.

Third, real-time results are provided. With internet marketing, you don’t need weeks of waiting for that seed to grow, you just need a couple of days to earn more than what you invested. Isn’t that great?

Moving on, you can easily refine your strategy. If you think your marketing plan doesn’t earn you enough, you can just relax and try another plan without re-launching another product whatsoever. You can easily improve on areas that your strategy is shaky, and then try it out to see if it does any better.

Next up, is about your own product information. Customers nowadays want to make sure the products they would like to buy are all well and good, like asking their relatives and friends for suggestions. Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are a big boost to this word-of-mouth testimonials and referrals. One may post or tweet about your services, then you don’t know you are becoming a big wave already. It also is less intrusive. Most consumers dislike traditional marketing methods, like the ones found in magazines. When one buys that kind of media, he or she wants to read about articles, and not being bombarded by off-the-topic advertisements.With internet marketing, you can nail them precisely on your site without hassle. Lastly, it holds people’s attention. In magazines and newspapers, people might see some advertisements on the article, but there’s no way they’ll put their attention to it. But with this type of marketing, the people are reading about your products and getting straight to the point, they read about your products alone without anything off-topic.